Living in Blue Shift


about living in blue shift:

Blue shift is the phenomenon that the frequency of an electromagnetic wave emitted by a source moving towards the observer is shifted towards the blue side of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Taken from Wiki

Living in Blue shift is my experiences moving through life at an accelerated rate. It often finds the right things, the wrong times. It’s uncensored and it’s on record. I make no appologies for what is said. It’s life through my lenses. It will probably evolve into other things, but for now it’s simple, but completely me.

about me:

I’m base2wave [though often my firends call me basey]. I’m 26 years old and live in the suburbs of Houston, TX with my 4 year old daughter & my swooby girlfriend. The bills get paid via my day-job, the Systems Emperor for a local arts company. I have a long love affair with music. It seeds itself throughout my life; an evolving soundtrack. I consume because it’s become not just a love but a necessity for me. I also write. Or try to. More accurately, I used to write more. But this blog is what will force me to:

  • Not Self Edit
  • Combat a wretched streak of writers block
  • Self-Critique without expecting perfection

I’m learning to love life for the first time.

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