December 16, 2009

Books for the New Year

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It seems my list of future book releases is rivaling my upcoming album list. 2010 seems like it’s going to be an interesting reading year:

  • Dreadnought & Clementine by Cherie Priest: Two new novels expanding on Cherie’s The Clockwork Century world that was introduced in her last novel Boneshaker. The books themselves are set to be independent works from each other, sharing a few characters and what-not, but set in the steampunk America circa the late 1800’s, where the civil war still continues 20+ years later, adventure ensues. Oh, and there’s the occasional zombie… If these to are as engaging as Boneshaker, I’m gonna be a happy man.
  • For the Win and With a Little Help by Cory Doctorow: I’ve read AND LOVED all of Cory’s novels (it certainly doesn’t hurt that he releases them digitally for free and I have a Kindle; thought I have bought 3 of them too). If he writes it, I’ll read it. Rather than trying to describe these books, I’ll just block quote from his site:

    His next two books are WITH A LITTLE HELP, an audacious experiment in print-on-demand publishing (Feb 2010), and FOR THE WIN, a young adult novel about macroeconomics, video games and the labor movement, out from Tor/HarperVoyager in May 2010.

  • Johannes Cabal the Detective by Jonathan L. Howard: I found his first bookJohannes Cabal the Necromancer sitting quietly in the new fiction section of the local Borders bookstore and frankly, the dust-jacket art grabbed my attention first (I’m a book fetishist, make no mistake). But the story really pulled me in; a man bargaining with the devil to regain his soul (He’d initially sold it to learn the art of necromancy). Given one year and twisted itinerant carnival, he has to collect 100 souls in exchange for his. And the ending, which I’ll not spoil, has me wanting to learn the rest of the story.
  • Secrets of the Fire Sea by Stephen Hunt: The fourth book in Hunt’s Jackals series pitched that has been pitched “Charles Dickens meets Bladerunner” (Do you really need more that that…). This is essentially a steampunk adventure taking place in a world that is passably similar to Victorian England, replete with conspiracy, communists, magic and spiritual steam powered beings called SteamMen. The hardbound UK editions of these are well worth picking up for the dust-jacket are alone, but you won’t be disappointed by the books; he spins a great yarn.
  • The Immorality Engine and The Ghosts of Manhattan by George Mann: Ok, these are effectively Steampunk pulp fiction. But their predecessors (The Affinity Bridge and The Osiris Ritual) are great, action-packed novels. The Immorality Gate follows the continuing adventures of Newbury & Hobbes, a Sherlock/Watson style duo (complete with a Laudanum addiction) working as secret agents for an unnaturally old and artificially preserved Queen Victoria in an world of automata, mad scientists, and dark beings. Ghosts of Manhattan takes that world and fast forwards it to the Roaring ’20 in America and presents noir style mystery/detective novel (Something vaguely akin to “The Shadow”). Again, it’s worth it to pay the couple extra dollars to get the limited edition slipcase hardbacks; they are numbered, signed, and typically have some small extras.
  • Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld: The follow up to Westerfeld’s Young-Adult novel Leviathan release just a few months ago. Another steampunk novel (Are you seeing a trend in my reading…); this time in a Steampunk mired World War I. The Allied forces, called “Darwinists” have bio-engineered giant war beasts to assist in the war effort, where as the the central powers now called “Clankers” have perfected humongous steam power battle mechs. The story follows the son of Franz Ferdinand fleeing into hiding with an unlikely ally of a girl disguised as a British air officer. Adventure ensues.

I’m sure I’ve left something out or I’m not aware of it yet, but this is definitely a good handful of what I’m really looking forward to reading this next year. I’ll post additions as I discover them.

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