January 23, 2008

Better Living through Aggregation…

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It seems, that much like the road to hell, this blog is becoming paved with good intentions. Be that as it may, work is being done.

Podcast #3 is largely complete and I’m toying with the idea of both doing a weekly ShoutCAST stream, as well getting a proper microphone and a small mixer and actually APPEARING on my own damn podcast (Novel, I know…)

I’m also trying to objectively look at my time commitments before I consider adding a tLog to Living in Blue Shift [dot] com. My rational being:

  1. I have an unhealthy fascination with Micro-blogging and this seems like an interesting adaptation of it.
  2. It would allow me to post more regularly than I do currently, do to the nature of the system.
  3. Generating more content would, in turn, present me with the possibility of higher visibility on “the grid” (aka: the internet).

But, my hang up is, I struggle to maintain this site as much as I’d like due to equal parts exhaustion, more pressing responsibilities, lack of inspiration/motivation, and of course laziness. I’d rather not take the time to create a framework for more content only to let it collect dust.

With all of this, I’m also looking at diddling around with Yahoo! Pipes [wiki description]service to effectively lifestream my online activities. While it might be of some interest to others, I feel that largely this is for my own academic gratification (Which I then question, why the hell I’d need a lifestream, I’m the one living it… But I digress). Somehow the idea of a long string of aggregated RSS entries being my lasting scrawl seems fitting.

This all leads up to a series of entries I’ve been semi-writing for months now regarding the integration of so-called Web2.0 technologies into our lifestyles on and off the grid. If I get my ass in gear, part one could actually be up soon, assuming I don’t get distracted as usual.

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January 3, 2007

Site News

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In an effort to encourage people to visit and read this site, I’ve decided to make it easier for people to comment by turning off the requirement of being a registered user of this site.  Certainly I encourage you to register, but making people jump through hoops to comment or contribute was counter-productive and comes off as unfriendly.   Hopefully between this change and my effort to post more regularly, this site may become more popular.  I guess we shall see.

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