January 30, 2008


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Podcast #3 (still lacking a title) is about 95% finished. I had the intent of doing the final edit today while at the office, but in my only vague-lucidity as I left the house this morning, I left my external HD @ home; without which I can do nothing of substance as it holds my music collection.

Then again, it seems the day has quickly tightened its reigns on me, as I spent the better half of my morning pawing through security footage to determine which employee of the restaurant walked out of the building last night with several hundred dollars worth of someone else’s stuff. Festive, I tell you.

And my previously scheduled morning appointment has since been time shifted to 3 PM, thus timeshifting the rest of my day.

And I still need to go to the grocery…

Be that as it may, expect a new podcast later tonight or in the very wee hours of tomorrow morning.

And in no way related, but a little something to tide you over until the podcast… DJ Lobsterdust: Jenny’s Superstitious [Stevie Wonder vs. The Killers]

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November 29, 2007

[Insert Explitives Here]

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Well, for those of you who might think a plumbers pipes never leak, I can assure you with all certainty that they do. And when they do, it often floods. What I am eluding to is my recent string of bad luck with electronics (i.e.: A dead iPod) and now compounded with failed sectors in my companion laptop, meaning my laptop is dead until I can get a new hard drive in it and reload EVERYTHING [Grumble]. While I am relatively sure that the majority of the data will be recoverable, and luckily my music collection was spared on an external hard drive, I am still too fucking frustrated for words. At least it happened AFTER the wedding. I am trying hard not to take this as a life sign that I ought to be doing other things.

That being said, maybe I ought to be doing other things; like writing a damn article about the end of the labor union strike on Broadway for the company webpage that the boss wanted me to write (For those of you just tuning in, I am the IT Director, not a Public Relation Manager or a Journalist…) Then again, maybe I should take that as a sign that I should also be blogging more over here…

Photo by me, taken some time back. There are more pictures over at my flickr page.

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August 29, 2006

So long HGO

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I’ve been reticent to blog anything about this until it was effectively all said and done [And frankly too pensive to write anything else], all parties informed, and now that I have submitted my paperwork it’s time for the official announcement:

Today I resigned from HGO to take a new job elsewhere.

After six years as Network Administrator/Systems Manager at HGO, I decided it was time to move on and this opportunity was too good to pass up. This, suffice to say, was not an easy decision. I’d made HGO part of my family [and as with all family you go through bouts where you really want them to drive of a damn cliff]. But I suppose it’s time to leave the nest or some other shitty, tired cliche.

I’m torn between elation and relief [as the job has been increasingly breaking my spirit as of late] and some sadness [It’s not unlike a divorce really]. But I know in my heart it was the right decision.

I am sadly not at liberty to discuss where I my new position will be [as I am replacing someone who does not know they are being replaced], but will make an announcement after I get there.

I’m really not sure what else there is to say at this point. I’m emotionally and physically tired. But things are looking good. Thank you everyone for your well wishes and good vibes during this time. I hope to celebrate with each of you soon.

July 1, 2006

They Don’t Pay Me Enough… #01: Gay Neophytes [or Plugging the Wrong Port]

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Today we begin a semi-regular installment entitled “They Don’t Pay Me Enough…” These entries should serve as a collection of Stupid User Tales I encounter in my day job [For those just tuning in, I’m the Systems Manager for a local arts company]. So without further adieu:

They Don’t Pay Me Enough…
Episode #01: Gay Neophytes [or Plugging the Wrong Port]

Earlier this week, I received a visit in my office by someone from upper management. To be exact, it wasn’t someone from upper management [Whom we’ll call “Big Wig”], but rather their life-partner [Mr. C] [Who has recently acquired a job at my company]. Big Wig and Mr. C have been supplied a computer in their home by the company. This particular model of computer has built-in support for a wireless keyboard & wireless optical mouse. Said mouse has been giving them a handful of semi-legit issues, so I gave Mr. C a new USB wired mouse, as wireless was not a critical requirement for them. I explained how and where to plug it in, what a USB port looks like, etc.
Friday afternoon I received call from Mr. C saying he had plugged in the mouse, but still nothing was working. I had him double check that is was plugged all the way in and some various other troubleshooting ideas before resigning myself to the fact that I’d have to swing by their house to get this resolved [Mind you a week or so prior I had to swing by diagnose another issue, which turned out to be resolved by replacing the batteries in the wireless keyboard…]. It’s not far from the office so I said I’d be there later that afternoon.

When I arrived, I immediately went upstairs where their computer resided hoping to make this a brief in-and-out trip so I could go home early too. Sure enough the mouse wasn’t working and there were no signs that windows had detected a USB mouse. So I traced the cord back to the back of the computer where I found it plugged in… To the Ethernet jack on the back of the computer. I didn’t event know you could not only fit a male USB A-style plug into a female RJ45 jack, but more impressively do it at an angle that doesn’t look jacked up. So, squelching my inner-hysteria I wrangle the cable out from the ethernet jack and plug it into a free USB jack, not 1/4″ away from the ethernet jack. Windows sees a mouse, Mr. C is thrilled [albeit confused as to what he did wrong], and I move on [smirking that I now have a new blog entry at his expense]…

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