June 28, 2006

Don’t forget about me…

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I’ve been so darn busy with things lately and apparently slightly more self-critical than normal that I have 3 posts still in editting in the cue right now that I just need to buckle down on and finish. The biggest of course being an entry about the road trip to New York and even a few pictures to share. I also have a music review that needs some editting and will soon get posted [I hope] along with some yet to be drafted out of notepad music reviews I’ve intended to write. Oh yeah, and there is also the small matter of the podcast page with noting on it. That of course I have decided to hold back a bit until I can get some slightly better equipment, as to not sound like a damn amature… Anyhow, please don’t foget this site. Content will follow. Aggregate the site via RSS if you must so you don’t have to keep seeing the same old posts everytime you visit. I’m a horrid slacker at the moment.

June 18, 2006

Procrastination or Nostalgia: You Chose

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I should be blogging all that I have in my head right now; All the events of my cross country drive to upstate New York and various other things. But instead after I’m listening to old 80’s music like Dream Academy, The Railway Children, and Blancmange. I’m not terribly sure what course of events of train of thought led to a particular thought today, but whilst I was passing through the DVD section of Fry’s on my way to the check out, I suddenly had the clear & distinct need to look for Flight of the Navigator for the Goblin. So we bougt the only copy for a paulty $10 and went home to enjoy watching one of my favorite movies on what we expected to be a rainy day [It came and went, but whatever]. So as we are watching it and there is a scene with Blancmange’s “Lose you Love” video [You Tube Link][Side note: Low budget 80’s video’s and big hair make me feel warm inside]. Inevitably, being the music geek I am, the Goblin went to bed & I’m scouring the Interwebs for 80’s music I’ve lost [this happens every few months; the scouring, not the losing]. Blogging is taking a backseat tonight.

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June 14, 2006

Half Home

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I’m home; back in Houston.  Or rather half of me is home, whilst the other half of my heart will return at the end of August.  I have lots of stories to tell and even a handful of pictures to share.  But it will all have to wait.  I am too exhausted to begin this endevour.  I’ll probably start tomorrow.

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