September 16, 2006

Finally: The Announcement

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I’ve had to keep my mouth shut for a bit about this, but I can now make it known. I’ve started my new job and I a can finally publicly speak about where.  I am the new Director of Information Technology for the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts. It’s a huge change after 6 years at the Opera, but It was an opportunity [and pay raise] I could not pass up.

This being said, the last 12 days have been the longest two weeks of my life [Yes, I am aware, 12 days makes not 2 weeks, exactly, get off it]. First I had to catch everone up at the Opera as to what they need to know to keep everything running. Then I hit the ground running at the Hobby Center last Friday at about 4:00 Pm as my predicesor was let go at 3:30 PM. Subsequently, I worked all the way through last weekend to get a handle of everything I was now responsible for [especially since there was no documentation of what all I now manage [ie: servers, router, phone system, etc.]

Despite frustration and exhaustion, I finally feel like I have a good handle on everything after only a week. I know there will be bumps ahead, but I feel less like I am free falling and more like I am finally settling into the groove [and other tired metaphors].

So onward I go into yet another stage of my life; New responsibilities and new challenges. The Opera is already begining to feel distant, and on a trip or so back there to help with a lingering issue, I feel akward and alien, and I know it’s clear I made the right decision to move on.

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