January 30, 2007


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I had all the intentions and designs working on/posting two new posts and the long-promised podcast, but as the day wore on my energy was just drained from me, and by the time I got the Goblin in bed and sat in front of my laptop, glass of wine in hand, all I had the energy to do was to watch episode 2 of the Dresden Files before I conceded that my best intentions of glorious bloggery have been back-burnered until tomorrow [hopefully].  Sorry.  I suck

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January 11, 2007

Rather Mundane

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The quiet of post-holiday madness has now passed at the office and it’s ‘business-as-usual’. My body is killing me; everything from my hips to my wrists ache from either constant movement [scurrying about the building fixing or assessing things] or long coding sessions. Management has officially dropped the edict that they want a new website, as they currently HATE the design & structure of the current site [Linky-linky]. So, I get to work from the ground up on a new design, framework, and all the associated web-applications required for it. I’m both excited and overwhelmed. Meanwhile, we are also expecting the installation of the new electronic marquis for the front of the building at the end of February, and yours truly has to do all the content for that [That will actually be a bit of fun, as it’s strictly graphic design and I fully intend to hide things in the pictures for my own amusement]. So, it goes without saying that I’m a might bit tired.

On the non-boringless-boring, I’m-a-big-dork-front, I discovered that Ned’s Atomic Dustbin released a brand new single in ’06 and I have acquired it and am re-living the 90’s quite contently. I’ve also rekindled my love affair with modern Icelandic music, specifically anything by Biggi [Birgir Hilmarsson]. With my new iPod, and long sessions at the terminal, I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy listening to music again [and my office is so far away from everything else, I can listen as loudly as I like…] This makes basey a happy little Puffin. This is also helping me build the tracklist for the first of my long-intended podcast which I expect to post by the end of the weekend.

All of this is exceeding had to really concentrate on as I am two weeks away from my five-ish day venture to Sarasota to visit L [Whom I have not seen since Dec. 27 and will be gone until mid-March]. So yeah, time is both flying past me in some aspects and crawling at an agonizing pace in other ways. Less mundane posts to follow soon…

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January 3, 2007

Site News

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In an effort to encourage people to visit and read this site, I’ve decided to make it easier for people to comment by turning off the requirement of being a registered user of this site.  Certainly I encourage you to register, but making people jump through hoops to comment or contribute was counter-productive and comes off as unfriendly.   Hopefully between this change and my effort to post more regularly, this site may become more popular.  I guess we shall see.

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