October 19, 2007

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I could should be working right now. But I really just have no motivation to. I’d rather go sit outside with a cocktail and a book that I could feign reading before drifting off to sleep. Right now it’s a gorgeous “Fall” day in Houston [No comments on REAL seasons from The Other Professor Middents]. After the typical humid summer, I’m definitively enjoy this.

Two weeks from tomorrow L & I will be married in Santa Fe, NM. I’m a mix of nervous, excited, and exhausted. I didn’t think I’d get nervous; hell I’ve done this before, right? But I strangely am. It’s not cold feet, or question whether this is right, it’s just nervousness over taking that step. And obviously the excitement needs no real explanation. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with this woman. And as for exhausted… Fuck, I am so tired of wedding planning and minutia-level details. I just want it to be done, and get back to pre-wedding planning life. I look forward to getting back to things like trying to make something interesting out of this site, the podcast and all my other stupid projects that are simmering somewhere in the back of my brain.

I’ve been working [albeit at a snails pace] on a handful of things

  • Blog research/review on mobile computing platforms
  • Blog research/review on Post WEB 2.0 gateway services and productivity enhancement
  • A handful of Steampunk design projects [both graphic, decor, and “invention”]
  • New [And regularly posted] Podcasts
  • Music Reviews
  • Redesign of the wedding-soon-to-be-married web site.
  • Stuff…

I’m just want to try to get back to whatever it was I use to call normal.

Anyway, I suppose I should think about building a mass email that needs to go out Wednesday for the office. Blarf.

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