December 9, 2007

A Quite Place to Sit

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So being stuck in an interminable limbo while my main computer is down (and even then, I’ll have to reload the entire damn thing), and using my office laptop as my interim system, I have reached an epiphany.

I need a desk. More specifically, I need an office. I’ve been working on the couch rather than my usual chair w/ laptop desk, and it has taken it’s toll on my lower back. No position is comfortable. No lighting is adequate. And more so than any of the rest, working in the family room, while practical as a father/husband, is absolutely the worst thing a person could do who is trying to “force the muse.” I have been trying to get back to write for a long time now, and I have things that I desperately want to get out but I aways seem to find an excuse; and the slight change of position has made me realize that this environment is the most dreadful thing I could do for that.

This came in part with the realization that my next computer will be a desktop. I will keep my laptop for the portability and it is still a reasonably good system, but going forward, I’m getting a 24″ iMac so that:

  • I am forced to sit at said desk to work it, thus encouraging me to devote real time to writing.
  • I can easily and hopefully more productively, continue to pursue some of my other projects with a greater ease (i.e.: Short film animation, digital video editing, more podcasts, etc.)

I know that I’ll have to work hard to achieve a precarious balance to devote enough time to my wife and daughter WHILE working to focus on writing again. It’ll be hard work, but I know it’s worth doing.

As someone who has prided himself on being above-average in regards to productivity and productivity tools, I can’t believe that it took an ergonomic shift for me to realize what a bad idea a laptop as a main workstation for me is…

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