February 24, 2008

Listening in Blue Shift 05: New Americana

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I’m still playing catch up after a week away on my honeymoon (Again, details to follow). So, here is #5, later than I had hopes, but what’s new…

Listening in Blue Shift 05
New Americana: Traveling Music For those with Nowhere to Go

  1. [00:00] ill lit: Across Country
    [From Tom Cruise, 2006]
  2. [03:54] The Basement: Summertimes
    [From Illicit Hugs & Playground Thugs, 2006]
  3. [06:21] Howe Gelb: Get to Leave
    [From ‘‘Sno Angel Like You, 2006]
  4. [09:13] Grand Archives: Sleepdriving
    [From the self-titled LP, The Grand Archives, 2008]
  5. [14:33] Coyote Bones: Let the Burden Be Mine
    [From Gentleman on the Rocks, 2007]
  6. [18:39] The Secret Show: We Blaze a Trail
    [From Impressionist Road Map of the West, 2007]
  7. [21:18] Drag the River: Beautiful & Damned
    [From It’s Crazy, 2006]
  8. [24:24] Phosphorescent: Cocaine Lights
    [From Pride, 2007]
  9. [30:24] Eels: Railroad Man
    [From Blinking Lights and Other Revelations, 2005]

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February 18, 2008

Back to Life

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I just came back from a week in the Yucatan Peninsula on Saturday; L and I finally had the mutually agreeable “off-time” to take our honeymoon. I’ll take some time soon and write about the adventures and what-not we had post pictures soon, but I just wanted to make note that A) due to this, there was no podcast last week, despite my intended plan to get one out EVERY week (But I did NO work while I was gone, so meh…) and B) This week’s podcast MIGHT be a day or two late, while I catch up with everything that needed my attention whilst I was away. But rest assured, I’m working hard to keep the steam behind my intentions and designs. How is everyone else doing? (PLEASE feel free to comment, cause I can see visitors in my log, but hardly anyone ever comments. Grumble.)

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February 4, 2008

Listening in Blue Shift 04: Songs About Booze

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While it’s earlier than my planned Wednesday post dates for the Listening in Blue Shift Podcast it seemed appropriate that I got this up before Mardi Gras…

Oh, and fair warning, this is NOT a “feel-good” mix…

Listening Blue Shift: Songs About Booze

Listening In Blue Shift 04
4 Ice Cubes: Songs About Booze

  1. [0:00] The Magnetic Fields: Too Drunk to Dream
    [From Distortion, 2008]
  2. [2:57] Cold War Kids: We Used to Vacation
    [From Robbers and Cowards, 2006]
  3. [6:68] Earlimart: We Drink On The Job
    [From Everyone Down Here, 2003]
  4. [9:12] The National: All the Wine
    [From Alligator, 2006]
  5. [12:25] Guided by Voices: A Drinker’s Peace
    [From The Same Place the Fly Got Smashed, 1998]
  6. [14:15] The Handsome Family: Drunk By Noon
    [From Milk & Scissors, 1996]
  7. [17:00] Radical Face: Drink Until Your Brains Shut Down
    [From “From the Teeth of 4-Tracks”, 2002]
  8. [19:53] The Good Life: Album of the Year
    [From Album of the Year, 2004]
  9. [25:00] Spent: Excuse Me While I Drink Myself to Death
    [From Songs of Drinking & Rebellion, 1995]

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