January 7, 2010

Damn you American Publishers! or I Love you Amazon UK!

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Yes, I know that everything I seem to post lately is about books. But that’s my escape. Work is keeping me busy with working with a design team to redesign both the company’s logo but also our website. And it’s about to start snowballing, as we are looking at an April/May go-live. So I’ll need more escapes. Hence more books…

Yesterday, io9.com posted an entry regarding more non-english speak authors delving into the English language Science Fiction. They cited Israeli author Lavie Tidhar’s newest (and as best I can tell first English language I’m wrong, not his first English-Language book, sorry) steampunk novel “The Bookman” which comes out today overseas. The title intrigued me, and after reading the book description and an early review, I knew I wanted to read it. So since I already had a pre-order item with Amazon UK I decided I might as well have that added to my order too (Since the American edition will not come out until frakin’ June or July…). How could I not buy this with a description like this

A masked terrorist has brought London to its knees – there are bombs inside books, and nobody knows which ones. On the day of the launch of the first expedition to Mars, by giant cannon, he outdoes himself with an audacious attack. For young poet Orphan, trapped in the screaming audience, it seems his destiny is entwined with that of the shadowy terrorist, but how? Like a steam-powered take on V for Vendetta, rich with satire and slashed through with automatons, giant lizards, pirates, airships and wild adventure, The Bookman is the first of a series.

And a review like this:

The punkgenre has a new term, BookPunk. The Bookman pokes at the fat and waddled body of steampunk with its walking cane and leaves it on the roadside with its fresh take on Victorian London without loosing any steam on its way.

From loudmouthman.com

And it’s a series, and I LOVE books in a series (Get back to writing Dahlquist!)

And well, if I’m going to buy TWO books overseas, I might as well buy three…

So I added Paul McAuley’s book Cowboy Angels, which I can’t remember how, where or why I heard about this book, but I believe it was shortly after having my head bent around the storyline Iain M. Bank’s Transition which involves rogue reality-hopping, and multiple character storylines for people who may or may not be the same people later in the timeline… So when I came across a book about a government agency hoping across time lines and dimensions to shape the fate of other Americas, I was needless to say intrigued. And of course, it doesn’t seem an American publisher ever picked it up… I’ve had it in my saved cart for awhile and figured now is as good a time as any to buy it.

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January 2, 2010

More Books…

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After pre-ordering Secrets of the Fire Sea by Stephen Hunt from Amazon UK yesterday, and a really sexy new cover for my Kindle, I discovered two other books being published later this year that I will definitely have to get my hands on:

  • Kraken by China Miéville: China’s not big on describing what his books are about before they are released, but from a few sources I was able to track down this little bit:

    Deep in the research wing of the Natural History Museum is a prize specimen, something that comes along much less often than once in a lifetime: a perfect, and perfectly preserved, giant squid. But what does it mean when the creature suddenly and impossibly disappears? For curator Billy Harrow it’s the start of a headlong pitch into a London of warring cults, surreal magic, apostates and assassins. It might just be that the creature he’s been preserving is more than a biological rarity: there are those who are sure it’s a god. A god that someone is hoping will end the world.

    Perdido Street Station was one of my favorite books this year and I thoroughly enjoyed The City & The City, so I’m really looking forward to anything and everything I can get my hands on by him.

  • Pinion by Jay Lake: My awesome brother-in-law and soon to be sister-in-law gave me the hardbound editions of Mainspring and Escapement for Christmas this year, and I plowed through Mainspring in about 2 days and really, really loved it. I’ll soon read Escapement (I have other books on my list and I don’t want to burn out on any one type of thing, plus I tend to pace my self with books in a series), so I really want to see where Lake takes his Clockpunk universe next.

Again, I’m sure I’ll add more later…

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